New Transmission: My Electric Jan 3 – Jan 31 Playlists

Once again, I find myself a bit behind in posting my playlists. The good news is that I’ve aggregated all of the playlists for January in one post, which may be a bit more convenient. In any event, Here’s the playlist for  the January 3 through January 31 episodes of My Electric. As usual, Canadian tracks […]

New Transmission: My Electric December 8 2017 Playlist

  Here’s the playlist from the December 8 episode of My Electric. As usual, Canadian tracks are in red. Artist links will be coming soon… Hour 1 Soft Ions – Paradise Of Silence Wild Card – Patterns In Cooperative Labour K. Burwash – Taurus – Littrow Ylang Ylang – Les Heures Violettes Thisquietarmy – Unearthing The Past Kate […]