A Fine Start

So…2015. Wow! My first performance of 2015 occurred this past weekend in Saskatoon. The event was organized by Jon Vaughn as a Pop Quiz event: An Evening of New Age Intemperance. I ended up last on the bill, but it was well worth it. The audience was very appreciative of all performers, and I got tons of great feedback from the other performers and audience alike. I love playing in Saskatoon!


A few people alerted me to this article on June 14:

The reason that I was alerted was because I was actually mentioned in this list! Here’s the paragraph that Aux.tv contributor Mark Teo wrote:

We stumbled upon Pulsewidth’s Soundcloud page recently, and we’re glad we did. Far from being consistent, the sets on offer are chameleonic, prolific, and scatterbrained. His set, opening for Merzbow, is ear-canal shattering power electronics; An Elevated Plane is a collection of ghostly, beat-based pop; and Soundtrack For the Cosmos In Which  We Are, which he’s labelled as isolationist folk, is an excercise in eerie minimalism. The point? Whatever dude tries is exceptional.

They got a couple of things wrong, but corrected them promptly when the errors were pointed out. Heck, that I’m even on a list with some of these other artists is beyond my wildest dreams!


With the Merzbow show less than a week away I’m already starting to think about an upcoming performance. In June I’ve been asked to open for a psychedelic-folk act. My initial reaction is to conjure up some kosmische vibes in the style of Cluster or Harmonia. I want it to be kind of organic sounding and that’s the best I could come up with. A bit of analogue monosynth, some iPad Mellotron, stuff like that. It’s that or else I’ll strive to do the lowercase sounds I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Perhaps a combination of both. It all depends on how long my set will be. It might be fun to press on with my modular campaign, but I want to leave my choices open…

Possible scenarios:
* Modular rhythm and Mellotron solo (Edgar Froese knock-off)
* Modular only
* Modular, desktop synths,and iPad-synchronized
* Desktop and keyboard synths(SQ-80 as master)

I always go through this exercise, whether I’m planning for some hypothetical performance of getting ready for the real deal. I guess I want to present myself with some options, and perhaps mix and match from a couple of choices.